Why Tutor?

If you have the skills and knowledge to pass on to the next generation and you’re looking to make a full-time career out of teaching, or simply want to earn a little extra while being a part of something bigger, then tutoring is the perfect solution.

Tutoring is a rewarding and interesting job where no two days are the same. You will provide one-to-one educational support to students in need of guidance and support throughout the school year.


What are the benefits?

Unsurprisingly, tutoring online is quite different from in-person tutoring and it comes with its own set of attractive benefits. Beyond making a positive difference to your students, tutoring may help you make positive adjustments to your life and work schedule. But, what are these benefits?

  • Flexibility

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the flexibility than an online tutoring position can offer. You can plan your lessons around your schedule, so you teach when you want to teach, including how many hours you’re available and what days you can work.

  • Supplement income

Teaching is its own reward, but the extra income you can gain from online tutoring can definitely be beneficial. Whether tutoring is a side job or you’re looking to make this a full-time career, the money is definitely a bonus.

  • Intellectual fulfilment

Tutoring doesn’t just help your students build skills, it can also reinforce your own knowledge! From communication to leadership and management skills, tutoring can definitely offer some transferrable skills to help you gain a step up in any industry.

  • Lessons from anywhere

With tutoring, you have the ability to conduct your lessons from anywhere! So there’s no need to worry about losing out or letting your students down while you’re away for the weekend. You can also choose where you work best!

  • Gaining more experience

If you’re new to teaching, simply looking to gain experience teaching a new subject, or looking into an official career in teaching, then tutoring is an excellent pathway to providing the experience you need to progress.


Why choose Mr. A+?

Whether you’re new to tutoring or thinking about the next step in your online tutoring journey, a career with Mr A+ could help you fulfill your teaching goals. We prioritize the satisfaction of our students and tutors to ensure a comfortable working experience.

By encouraging consistent learning and development, we aim to ensure our tutors are at the top of their game and consistently improving.

With other like-minded tutors on the platform, you can feel confident in your tutoring community and even share with your fellow tutors!


How does it work?

Becoming a tutor with Mr. A+ is simple!

  1. Apply as a Mr. A+ tutor

If you’re interested in becoming a Mr. A+ tutor, then let us know. Resume, education background and a cover letter telling us why you chose Mr. A+.

  1. Hear back from us

After deciding whether you’re a good fit for Mr. A+, we’ll contact you to schedule a call and discuss your reasons for wanting to pursue a tutoring position with us. We’ll take you through the next steps and what it means to be a Mr. A+ tutor.

  1. Take time to learn about Mr. A+

Take some time to learn about Mr. A+ and what your role will be while tutoring with us. Familiarize yourself with our guidelines and systems and let us know if you’ll need any help getting set up.

  1. Set your schedule

Choose your own availability and subject specialties – make sure you receive interest from the right students. Make sure to double check all your listed information is correct before you get started!

  1. Start tutoring

And the fun begins! Get online and start sharing your knowledge with our students.

“Share your knowledge and make a difference through tutoring.”