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Experts in a variety of subjects, including Math, Language, French, History and Science, there’s a lot our tutors can assist with.

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Megan Lukic

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My name is Megan and I have recently graduated from teachers college at Brock University with a teachable subject in English and a minor in history. Throughout my 4 year undergraduate studies, I volunteered with grade 4 and grade 6 students to successfully improve their literacy skills.  My two years of practicum experience in teachers’ college included teaching in a grade 4/5 combined classroom, a grade 7 classroom, and a grade 8 classroom. Subjects taught during my practicums included Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, The Arts, and History.  Additionally, I have successfully tutored grade 3 and grade 4 Mathematics and grade 4 Language Arts through the Brock University Learning Lab. I am confident tutoring Language Arts/English, and History from kindergarten to grade 12.  In the subjects of Mathematics and Science and Technology, I am capable of tutoring from kindergarten to grade 8.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child to create a plan to improve their learning.


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My name is Yass, I have been a bilingual teacher for the last 17 years. I have taught almost every grade in the elementary school system. In my early years, I taught FSL from grades K-8. My area of expertise is French Immersion. I spent 5 years teaching grade 5 French intensive, grades 6-7 French immersion and presently I am the grade 7-8 French immersion instruction. I can work with any level, but my preference is to work with children in grades 4-8, although HS is not out of the question. I have been the school tech leader for several years and I am very comfortable in many platforms, especially Google Suits.

Personal statement:

I believe all children can succeed with effort and a willingness to trust the process.

Bernie Tessier

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My name is Bernie Tessier and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your student. I’m in my 22nd year of teaching secondary school in Niagara Catholic and have taught in four schools across the region. I spent many years as Program Chair for Special Education before returning to the classroom, so I have a clear understanding of academic, social and behavioral difficulties and accommodations and strategies to overcome them. Recently, I’ve been teaching mostly Social Sciences and Religion, with a smattering of English and Physical Education. Let’s start off by building an excellent rapport, determining what the challenges are, then we’ll set a goal to achieve SUCCESS!
Take care and see you soon!

Nicole Berlingeri

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Hello and welcome! My name is Nicole Berlingeri and I am currently a supply teacher in the Niagara Region. I majored in child youth and family at the University of Guelph for my undergrad and then proceeded to attend Niagara University for a masters in science and education. With my focus on primary/junior, I graduated at the end of 2020 and am now qualified to teach K-6. I’ve done a few placements in both Ontario and the United States which gave me great experience in various situations and grade levels. Through these experience I was able to work with students in differing circumstances which provided me with the necessary skills to educate all students. Over the years I have been involved in English tutoring through the DSBN, worked at summer camps, and have supply taught for grades K-8. I am able to work with any age at the elementary level, but my preference is students from K-6, and I am able to provide tutoring in math, science, and language. I believe that students need to learn in ways that best suit their needs, and with one on one support I aim to make that happen. I look forward to working with your child and building a relationship that can lead to their success through a team effort!

Ashtyn Yakubowski

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Hi! My name is Ashtyn Yakubowski and I just completed my first year in the Concurrent Education program at Brock University. I am in the Primary/Junior stream which makes me able to teach kindergarten to grade six. In high school, I completed a co-op placement in a grade two classroom which has given me valuable in-person experience. I have also been helping my cousin who is in fourth grade with his online schooling which has given me the new online experience as well. I am willing and capable of tutoring any subject from kindergarten to grade six. Whether your child is struggling with their organizational skills, preparing for a test or understanding specific topics, I can help! I look forward to getting to know your child and being able to give them the best resources in order to succeed.


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Hi there! My name is Sabrina and I am so excited to help you meet your learning goals! I have experience with a variety of ages/grades and specialize in English/grammar. I love adapting my teaching style to your specific needs. Let’s get to work!

Patricia Dias

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Hello nice to e-meet you! My name is Patricia Dias and I am a recent P/J Brock University teacher graduate qualified to teach grades K-6. I obtained my BA Honours degree with a specialization in Sociology and immediately pursued my Bachelor of Education. Throughout my undergraduate studies I completed a service-learning practicum placement in a grade 2/3 split whereby I acquired the skills needed to help students thrive academically. Throughout teacher’s college, I completed three teaching blocks and was held responsible for teaching students in grade 1, 2, and a 4/5 combined classroom. Subjects taught include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, The Arts, and Religion. I have also acquired experience in tutoring core subjects to grade 1 and 2 students and was a special remediation volunteer for students sitting below grade level academic expectations. Through my experiences, I have acquired the necessary skills needed to boost student’s productivity and academic achievement. I am comfortable tutoring all subject area to students from kindergarten to grade 8. I look forward to connecting with you and your child to provide them with the best possible educational practices that will garner your student’s academic success.

Amelia Powell

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My name is Amelia Powell and I have my Bachelor of Arts and Education from Brock University with a focus on Special Education. I am an Educational Assistant and Qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience working in schools throughout the Niagara Region. I have my Primary/Junior Qualifications but have also worked in high schools as an Educational Assistant and in many Special Education classrooms. I have tutored elementary, secondary and college students in reading and  writing, and math for students in kindergarten to grade 8 at Sylvan Learning Center. I am also comfortable tutoring students in kindergarten to Grade 8 in Science, Social Studies and History. I look forward to getting to know your child’s strengths and learning challenges to create a plan to improve his/her learning needs.


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My name is Pauline and I have been an Educational Assistant at Notre Dame College School for the last 18 years. I have also been involved in running P3, an after school literacy program (also known as Homework Club). I have experience working with students with Autism, and learning disabilities. I can tutor most of the grade 9 core subjects at the essential or applied level, grade 10 civics/careers and history, and any essential or college level English courses. I also have experience helping students prepare for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. Whether you need help to finish an assignment or project, help with organization, or just need things explained in a different way, we can find a way to work together to complete tasks. I believe that all students have potential and with the right tools and support, anyone can work towards success!

Chad Wilson

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My name is Chad Wilson and I am a dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives to support student achievement. I have worked with District School Board of Niagara for 21 years, most of which with students in Grades 7 and 8. I look to provide an environment for learning that encourages students to become problem-solvers, decision makers, life-long learners and contributing members of a changing society. I fully understand that not all students learn the same way and different barriers and challenges come into play. By implementing strategies and structure within the learning, students will gain a strong sense of confidence and use a new set of tools to overcome these obstacles. ” All students can learn” and I look forward to becoming a partner in your journey that will lead you to SUCCESS!


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My name is Chantelle and I graduated with honours from the Educational Assistant – Special Needs Support Program in 2006. Upon graduation, I began employment with Community Living Fort Erie, working in group homes with adults with varying levels of disabilities. I also took on a casual position with the District School Board of Niagara as an Educational Assistant. I has been with the DSBN since 2006, in various classroom settings, with all elementary and secondary grades.  I thrive in a life skills setting for students such as Fundamental Skills classrooms. I have two long term Special Services at Home clients (children) who are now family that I have worked with for over five and ten years respectively. I have taken many courses on the mental health and wellness of children and teens, and incorporate my knowledge to help all students achieve success, not just academically. I have worked with physical and intellectual disabilities of a wide variety, and have a wide knowledge on the Autism spectrum and the different programs available. I look forward to working with more students and having a further reach to my community I call home.

Lauren Mortier

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Hello, my name is Lauren Mortier and I am deeply passionate about English and literature. I have an Honours Undergraduate Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Western University, and two postgraduate diplomas from Humber College. I am comfortable tutoring high school students in any level of English, or in any essay-oriented course. Essay writing is both a passion and skill of mine, and an area that I am eager to tutor in. I have taken Advanced Shakespeare at the university level, and am excited to help you analyze the work of one of the most revered playwrights in history. I believe that English and the Humanities hold an important position in our education system, and I look forward to helping you navigate the complexities of such subjects.

Ralph Sorella

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I have been a teacher for 45 great years, 13 with the peel board of education and 32 years with the Niagara catholic district school board, all at Notre dame college school. For 30 of those years, i was the subject chair of science. I also taught summer school for 25 years and 11 of these years as site administrator for summer school at Notre dame. During my career i enjoyed teaching, coaching (boys soccer and girls volleyball), and acting in plays for the Notre dame community theatre program. After arriving at Notre dame, i introduced the science fair for both Notre dame and our family of schools. I initiated the first peer tutoring program, and with the help of my department, developed and implemented destreamed grade 9 science (1993). These initiatives resulted in my receiving of the prime ministers of Canada teachers award in science and technology. I attended the university of Toronto where i earned my honours bachelor of science degree and also at the Toronto faculty of education where i earned my teaching certificate as a biology specialist. I have taught grade 9 and 10 science, grade 9 math, grade 11 biology and grade 12 university level biology.

Micki Staples

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Hello! My name is Micki Staples and I am a MATH educator with 30 years of teaching experience at all grades!! I will be able to help you with any high school math credit at any level 🙂 I am also well versed with all primary and junior math courses, and I have many years of experience supporting the needs of elementary school students. I will be able to provide you a tailored tutoring session that will specifically meet your needs based on your learning style and taking into consideration your entry point. I am passionate about math and math education, so let me know if you need some help and support to get you back on the track to success!!

Ashley Imbeault

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Hi there, my name is Ashley Imbeault. I am a Child and Youth Worker for the Niagara Catholic District School Board. I specialize in behavioural strategies, social emotional learning, and coping strategies for my full-time job. I take a strength based approach with the students I work with, helping them to gain confidence and achieve goals. I am available for tutoring in the subject of English with intermediate grades, 7 to 12. I would love the opportunity to nurture student growth, and help build the necessary attributes for success. In addition, I am open to supporting students with Social Sciences, from grades Kindergarten to 8. First, we’ll determine what type of learner your child is, then we can work on some goals they’d like to achieve. I look forward to working with you!

Debbie Sutherland

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I am Debbie Sutherland. I am an Educational Assistant working in a grade 7/8 classroom at Bloorview School Authority. I love to teach students who struggle with school. Helping children to see that they can overcome obstacles and be successful at school is one of my favourite things. I am avid reader and my passion is to encourage others to exercise their “reading muscle” to help with future workloads and studying. I have worked in special education for the past 15 years and it is my passion. I run a free respite program for children with special needs and their siblings so that parents can have some time away to recharge!